Powder (Coconut)

I'm a big girl now, but as you can see I was a teeny tiny when I rescued my Mom.   She thought she was going to adopt a guinea pig, but then I caught her eye, and worked my magic!  Mom helped me grow up to be this beautiful blue eyed girl.  I like to help with laundry and go for walks, but no too far.  So, have you thought about rescuing a hooman?



I have been wanting to adopt a dog for a long time, but my husband, Michael, was a tough sell.  We are caring for my 90 year old mother and he thought it would add too much work.  I remembered that Michael had known a friend’s Mini Schnauzer and loved her.  One Google search of “Schnauzer Rescue” later put a picture of Cooper in front of me with the words “Rescue Me” above his head.  That was it, Michael and I were both in love with him!  Ro calls him our “old man from Mexico” because he’s 10 and had a pretty rough time of it before Saving Orphan Souls came along.  He had to have all but 4 of his teeth pulled, is deaf and has some vision problems, but that doesn’t stop him from galloping around the house when he’s excited to see us or it’s time for a meal (tile floors make for a hilarious Scooby-Doo kind of event).  Mr. Cooper is personality plus!  He brings us all joy every day, what a perfect match for dog and humans alike.  Thank you to everyone at Saving Orphan Souls for what you do. –Margaret Latham