A 501C3 NON-PROFIT, FULLY INSURED, NO KILL ORGANIZATION.

Our Mission is to provide a loving, safe environment with proper medical care to those orphaned souls left out on the streets, dumped at the county shelters, ones being abused or relinquished by their owners.  We are also here to assist local families and the homeless who can no longer feed or take care of their animals.


Ro Perez

Ro Perez is the CEO/Founder of Saving Orphan Souls Rescue (S.O.S.)

Born out of LOVE for all animals, in memory of Louie Arnold/Lana Abigail our first schnauzer and our first rescue Daisy (Lily Amber) who lived her first 8 years on the street with her homeless owners. We would like to share our experiences and help educate the community on how wonderful rescue animals really are.

The name Saving Orphan Souls Rescue (S.O.S.) was chosen to let the population of Arizona know that there are many, many orphan souls living on the streets, abandoned, turned into our county shelters, over populating in backyards through the counties, and many tethered to chains for their entire life, along with many who have been severely abused.  Please do not buy from a breeder who is most likely a puppy mill, a pet store, from you neighbor who continually has puppies and refuses to fix his/her animals, but give a rescue or shelter dog a chance at a new life.

 We can assure you it will be the best investment of your life!

Saving Orphan Souls Rescue (S.O.S.) is happy to work with anyone who wants to get their dogs altered by providing you with lost cost options, or needs to be educated on why it is the right choice!  Please give us a call at 347-308-0352 or send an email to: and help us reduce the overpopulation epidemic here in Arizona.

With your help, and not turning a blind eye to reality, we can help reduce the number of rescues and hurting souls out there on our streets.

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